Company Presentation / Business Plan


The company presentation / business plan should focus on:

  • Presentation of the team and track record;
  • Product / service description and / or solution;
  • Market and opportunity analysis;
  • Value proposal and competitive advantage;
  • Main results / KPIs achieved;
  • Investment plan and milestones;
  • Financial projections in the medium term;
  • Shareholders structure and funding sources.


Investment Evaluation


The investments must comply with CA Capital investment policy and assessed according with:

  • Founders / management team track record;
  • Disruptive, innovative and scalable technology and processes;
  • Products and services developed with implemented KPIs;
  • Sustainable revenue model with proven market acceptancy;
  • Medium / long term winning projects that creates expectations for a CA Capital successful exit on a reasonable period;
  • Return on investment aligned with venture capital risk and investment period.